Hollow Point Insecticide

All Natural Insecticide (Patent Pending) Testimonials & Videos Below:




UFX GLOBAL has designed a 100% natural and 100% Green FDA (GRAS)
(Generally Recognized As Safe) and EPA Exempt insecticide (25B).

This new solution is the result of full pledge effort in creating a solution which actually helps control bed bugs with a true green water formula. 

The product mixture solves the issue of oil and eliminates the oil with a natural

95%+ water base.  A true water based solution.  Premixed and ready to use.

100% field tested

Hollow Point solution can be applied through:

Cold Fog units
Aerosol units
Pump sprayers
Spray bottles

The true field results have confirmed all the independent testing..

Independent and field testing has demonstrated Hollow Points ability to reduce bed bug populations on contact as well as after the treatment.

After one treatment bed bugs targeted will most likely be too sick to feed.  Most will not move again.  This is a slow death, as death itself mostly results from dehydration.

Hollow Point is meant to be applied through ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Application.
This method of application creates very small microns droplets, which when targeted into cracks and crevices can be very effective.  This is a method of treatment which is Green and can be part of any good IPM program.

Once treated, the bed bugs will begin to lose moisture and dehydrate.

During this sick time the bed bugs treated most likely will not feed reducing any call backs for new bites.  It is safe to say it may take up to 4-12 days for a unit to be
completely eliminated of the bed bugs.

Hollow Point is a great Natural Insecticide.  It can be used in conjunction with other licensed pesticides, or it can be used all by itself.

Most pro's have given this advice.  When treating units plan on a double service 1-2 weeks apart.  The solution used alone with no other chemicals will eliminate the infestation.  This is for moderate to severe infestations.  For early stage problem
accounts one treatment should

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"When Barry first came to me with his idea for a solution that would kill bed bugs all I can say is that I was very skeptical. I had heard this before multiple times from multiple people and there was never anything that worked well enough that was in a chemical form. Thankfully, I took a chance and told him we would be willing to try it out. Hollow Point is the exception to the rule when it comes to treating bed bugs. During our multiple test sites, we have found that even in the most effected units, after two treatments the problem has been eliminated. The combination of the Silver-Bullet and Hollow Point has really been effective at jobs where our other methods where just not reliable." Adam, Pest-End Exterminating, MA/NH

"Hollow point has worked extremely well for us on bed bugs, ease of use and a green product that works.
Thank you for your efforts in development, the industry thanks you."
James Lehr Franchise Terminix

"Very happy with Hollow Point, I now have an answer to bed bugs and an answer to customers wanting Green product, it simply works!" 
Richie the Bugman, Bozarjian Pest Control, MA

We have been using the Silver Bullet and hollow Point insecticide regularly for Bedbugs. It has been a great tool, especially on those treatments where folks "are not ready", or haven't prepared, allowing us to still treat successfully. A great tool. Easy operation, very pleased with the Silver Bullet and Hollow Point."
Susan Lincoln, Hampshire Pest Control Co Inc.




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